15 March 2009

FAS News (15 MARCH 2009)

FAS's bi-weekly update showcases three weapons, the M24 SWS, M14 w/aimpoint and the DV-2 combat knife.

The M24 sniper rifle is FAS's light sniper rifle modeled and textured by Naota. The M24 is a 17 credits which is more expensive than most other weapons, but still leaves enough cedits for an AR or SMG backup or a lot of armor and a pistol. The M24 has a slow rate of fire, but guarantees instant kills via head shot and the bipod allows players to sacrifice mobility for a higher rate of fire.

FAS's bipod system as Naota describes is, "the most intuitive and fluid I've ever seen in an FPS." The bipod code allows players to deploy on just "about anything that's the right distance and angle from your gun." This includes other players as well as on a wall looking straight up.

The M14 rifle, modeled and textured by Dekier, is another battle rifle similar to the G3. At 11 credits, it lacks the full auto feature of the G3, but makes up for it with an aim point allowing for easier ranged combat.

Finally is the DV-2 - modeled by Naota and textured by Dr.Hubbler - the Russian equivalent to the US KA-BAR knife. The FAS Team chose the DV-2 to add more diversity to the arsenal.

Finally, for those wondering about the weapon cost (10 credit MP5 vs 11 credit M14) DysPatch commented that the weapon page will be revised over spring break.

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