28 March 2009

Kill Speed

In response to a question on ModDB regarding how difficult it would be to kill someone, Hitman explains that the "amount of firepower it takes to kill someone depends on a number of factors." Such factors include the ammo of the weapon you are using, where you hit the person - be it a limb, chest or head shot - and what armor they have.

Also, the distance you are from the enemy is a factor. FAS incorporates damage drop off, "so pistol-caliber weapons lose a lot of power over short distances, versus assault rifles, which do not."

As there are so many factors determining how many hits a player can take, it is impossible to give a solid number. However, head shots seem to be the most constant as they are "instant-death, unless the target is wearing a helmet." If the player is wearing a helmet, then it would be two shots; three if the weapon is low caliber and there is an extreme distance between both players. Of course, even with a helmet, the M24 and M82 will still kill in one head shot.

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