17 May 2010

Level Up!

DysPatch has revealed in this FA Forum post that the skill system and credit cost of FAS has been changed. The skill system will feature six unique skills, with three levels each, for a total of 18 skills. Players will be able to chose as many skills after they want for a set number of kills, for now. In the future, when more skills are added, there will be a cap to how many skills an individual can acquire. With so many skills though, it is unsure if there will still be the standard 10 kills per skill upgrade in previous versions.

DysPatch also provides an example of how this new skill system will work with the new Commander skill.

* Commander I
o 5% Faster Movement Speed for Nearby Teammates
* Commander II
o 5% Accuracy Boost for Nearby Teammates
o 10% Less Damage to Nearby Teammates
* Commander III
o Capture Objectives Twice as Fast
In addtion to the skill changes, FAS will move from the traditional 30 skill points to an even 100. This is for the anticipation of new weapons in the future, allowing for better balance. All current items in FAS will have their credit cost raised to reflect this new system, such as the cost of grenades being raised from two credits, to six credits.

16 May 2010


The FAS Map page has been updated, showing off the new, darker, visual style of tc_iwojima as well as the new map sd_Dragovo.

SD_Dragovo is made by a new team member, Wolf, who has previous experience with mapping in the source engine, as well as professional mapping as seen on his blog.

Wide Tracks of Land

Those with very large resolutions, such as 2560x1600, need not worry about FAS supporting your resolution. DysPatch confirms in this FA Input Forum thread that FAS does support larger resolutions.

FAS NEWS (29 APRIL 2010)

FAS has released a time line of every FA releases that you can find on their history page (or a more detailed view here). In it, they release the release window for FAS which is sometime in July, as well as a new map SV_Dragovo.

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