09 January 2010


FAS has released two wallpapers and an online manual for FAS to help new players become familiar with the game before it's release.

The first wallpaper is the new FAS logo designed by undertone with a release date show as "2010". The FAS team is still working on a few aspects of the mod to ensure that it is ready for the public which is why the release date is vague at "2010". Some coding issues still have to be worked out as well as more polish applied to the maps. However, all the art aspects of the mod are complete which has allowed the art team to go ahead and start working on content for after FAS's release.

As you can see, the new logo is more modern instead of the almost 10 year old stencil font that was previously used.

The second wallpaper is the same logo applied to an in game screen shot of FAS.

In addition to the wallpapers, there is now an online manual for FAS which is still being updated. The manual outlines the basic features of FAS, such as how to install the game, descriptions for each categories of weapons, list of skills and what benefits they provide, as well as a section for "pro tips and hits" which explain game play features in depth.

Some areas of the manual aren't finished, most notably the HUD section, but these will be updated soon.

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