12 February 2009

FAS News (11 FEB 2009)

The FAS Team has unveiled the classic map, ps_sand as well as the M4 and FAMAS model. This update - and the updates in the foreseeable future - are done by Shinobi, long time FAS developer and team leader. Hitman hasn't gone anywhere, but is focusing on coding.

Progress on FAS is coming along smoothly with the team working on game and environment art, as well as readying testers for a new build. The FAS Team has a lot of media to show off and according to Shinobi's post in the FAS Forums, "remember to expect an update every 2 weeks now."

PS_sand, remade for FAS by undertone keeps the classic map's layout and distinguishing features in tact while greatly updating the visuals and environment details.

The FAMAS, created by Schmung and Racer looks amazing. The weapon appears to retain the same feel as it did in older RCs with its limited magazine size and high rate of fire. Changed for FAS is its higher credit cost, hopefully to remove the stigma of one being a "FAMAS whore".

The M4, created by Racer alone, is also equally impressive. However, the weapon will have no secondary feature, such as a suppressor (or beta-C magazine) as in previous RCs of Firearms.

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PFS said...

The M4 doesn't have a supressor YET.

The FAMAS mag capacity hasn't been revealed yet, but the presence of the STANAG magazine offers up a theory it will be 30 rounds.