10 February 2009

Call Of Grenade

In the FAS Input forum, Naota explains FAS's grenade mechanics. Currently, as Naota explains it "you click once to pull the pin and arm them and either release immediately to toss it, or hold it down to 'cook off' the fuse (5 seconds), which is typically required if you want your grenade to actually kill the people you're throwing it at before they run for cover." He continues stating that right now, you can not adjust the power behind the throw of the grenade, however as the alt fire key of the grenade is not in use there may be "lower/higher power toss at least by RC 1.1."

Naota also says that there is a small issue with the physics of the grenades in that "they've got some very peculiar tendencies, the least of which being that somehow they're presumably so heavy that the player can't climb a ladder with one on his head."

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