31 December 2008

A Cool Classic

DysPatch updated his developer journal with more news about port of a classic FA map, ps_sandblast, for FAS. While the map will bear many similarities to the FA classic, it will also be updated for FAS.

The most obvious difference between DysPatch's remake and the original is the change from sand to snow. DysPatch states that "a lot of levels in our line up consist of sand maps" and they want to avoid an over abundance of sand maps that plague many FPS.

Besides the theme change, the layout as well has been changed so it reflects more of a real world location instead of a FPS level. Despite this change the overall game play will remain intact.

Even though the FAS Team has map's original creator, Jeff Lane, permission to use the map's name and layout for FAS, the DysPatch has opted to not use the original name; due to the theme and layout change, the name of the map has been renamed to ps_snowstorm and Jeff Lane given credit.

The following is an early screen shot of ps_snowblast from DysPatch's developer's blog. Updated screen shots should come soon with the upcoming massive media update.

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