31 December 2008

Breath of Life

Hitman has updated his developers journal with more information about FAS's progress. Hitman states that they are still in closed testing, but much progress has been made. Much of the work done is on the art side: the M79 has been fully skinned and has new renders, Nato has been working very hard on the M24, and the team has been creating new player models. The new players models have been progressing swiftly with the help of Shinobi, Schmung, StealthSilver and TheUltra4sshole. There is still work to do with the player models, such as "skin tweaks and a weightjob."

In addition to updated skins, weapon and player models, the FAS team has also been working on five new maps. DysPatch has been working on a map which may be featured in an upcoming news update. Undertone as well is working on a new port of a classic FA map, Hitman has a new map that has been featured in the past alpha builds and will be shown soon and Shinobi has two maps which haven't been seen by the public yet.

Hitman states that art aspects of FAS (models, skins, ext) are still the major holdup and said "we only recently hired the art crew we needed and a lot of work remains to be done." However, Hitman is hopeful that "we will have some major surprises in store for everyone very soon." He continues on saying that the updates should start coming more regularly again since the ability to produce high quality screen shots and videos will be in place for quicker updates. Also, the main FAS website will be updated in the upcoming weeks to make it easier to navigate.

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