10 October 2008

Naota Talks About Weapons

In a FAS Forums post, Naota talks about a few of the weapons in FAS.

He begins with the comparison between the OTS-33 and the MAC11. While both weapons have similar damage and credit cost - the MAC11 is one credit more - the similarities end there. The OTS-33 has a high rate of fire - 900 RPM - but a lower magazine size. The MAC11 is almost on the other end of the spectrum with a lower rate of fire, but almost double the magazine size.

Naota also speculates that the MAC11 may receive a suppressor in the future, but the same feature will most likely be not available for the OTS-33. However Naota says "the OTs-33 has a built-in attachment rail for things like LAMs, laser sights."

Naota finnishes with stating he has "just about finished modelling the M24."

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