03 August 2008

Weekend Warrior

Hitman's 3 August developer's journal post outlines what is going on behind the scenes of FAS, as well as possibly eluding to some other information.

He begins with going over the 3 August play test saying he used the G3 for a bit, but then "ended up using the carbines." If you remember the old weapon's page, you will notice that only the M4 was described as a carbine. This could mean that either FAS will use the long forgotten plan of giving a carbine version of a rifle to a player with the leadership skill, or Hitman is using the definition very literally, as many weapons compared to the G3 would be lighter weight and have a shorter barrel, or included the AK74U as a carbine as well. Obviously, the first choice is far from likely.

Hitman goes on to describe what he has been working on FAS. Besides performance enhancing fixes, he has also added in two new features, as well as completely re-hauled the menu system. If Hitman ever gets around to doing a news update, the new menu system will most likely be featured, as well as the contributions of the newest FAS Team Member, Racer, an expert skinner.

Lastly, Hitman casually mentions he has almost finished a new map. Though almost complete, the amount of other work he has do may prevent him from completing it.

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