31 August 2008

The Rockets Red Glare

AirWolf has updated his developer's journal with new information about ps_forest, as well as the flags used in Firearms: Source maps.

"The first iteration of the flags came across too clean." AirWolf said. The original flags looked to much like real life counter parts of actual nations. AirWolf said that the idea was the create flags that didn't look like they belonged to any specific nation.

The flags were not made in the vacuum of one individuals talent and resources. Many on the FAS Team helped in their creation. Hitman suggested the flags be war-torn, as if they have been shot up and burnt. AirWofl created a new model for them, as well as took the animations from the original FA flag's animation and changed it to work with the new flag mesh. As AirWolf said, "So there's a little of the old FA in these flags."

AirWofl also has shown a few new screen shots of his map, ps_forest. The changes are subtle ones, such as redone textures and added ambiance.

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