23 July 2008

There is no sekrat.... or is there?

Firstly, I would like to say thanks for reading the blog. It makes the endless hours trolling the forums mean something other than I have no life. XD I hope to bring some cool info to you all.

Without further ado...

I managed to corner Skitz and StandingCow in #firearms about how skills have changed in FA:S. As expected, they aren't allowed to say much, but it was revealed that the skills have more in common with their RC 2.5 variations than in the more recent releases.

> they basically function the same, but they actually can affect gameplay in this release...or so it seems.. a few minor changes to some things, but as i said, i can notice a clear difference in gameplay when we test and new skills get acquired... never really seemed that way in old fa

Not earth-shattering news by any means, though it is something to keep us occupied for now. Also, the two shared this comment with our intrepid reporter:

dude, i want to tell you guys so much about the game

like how you can do that one thing?

good times
Skitz>and that one skill really helps you do that one thing betterer
StandingCow>oh that thing with the new gun? the one with that trigger thing?
StandingCow>and the muzzle flash
Skitz>oh, you can reload that one
StandingCow>it has a new sound, it goes bewm

As you can see, there is a great deal of new features on the new weapons. XD

Until later, FA Fans!


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Skitz said...

I deny all allegations of knowing anything about the secrecy involved in being an alpha tester.