12 July 2008

Real Men of Genius

Firearms Presents, Real Men of Genius.
Real Men of Genius .
Today we salute you, Mr. Mortar Spammer in Spawn.
Mr. Mortar Spammer in Spawn .
Others are rushing forward, dodging fire and explosives, risking there for lives to win, but not you, you're at your spawn, using a mortar.
Those other guys are chumps.
Who needs reflexes, tactics, or strategy when you have a 60mm charge of explosive death?
Oh my god, the spam.
Some may say that its easy to sit back, bind every key to use, and face roll across the keyboard for easy kills, but they don't whats its like to get imprints in their forehead.
It really hurts.
So here's to you Mr. Mortar Spammer in Spawn, helping the team, as far away as possible.
You need binoculars.

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