27 February 2009

FAS News (27 FEB 2009)

Shinobi, true to his word, has posted another media update for FAS, highlighting ps_crossfire, the M3 shotgun and M79 grenade launcher.

PS_crossfire is a new map for FAS made by Shinobi that has a "focus on intense close quarters combat." PS_crossfire is a throw back to older, more linear FA maps, but has enough routes that spam and stale mates are less of an issue.

The M3 shotgun, modeled by Schmung, textured by Dr.Hubbler and animated by Thisismyname09, will be FAS's only shotgun at launch. "The M3 is...a semi-auto shotgun," Oelund describes here, "The reason it looks like a pump action shotgun, is because it is designed to fire many different types of ammo." Less leather rounds are not able to cycle the bolt, which is why it also has pump action.

The M79 grenade launcher, modeled by Schmung, textured by Dr.Hubbler and animated by Thisismyname09 is FAS's only grenade launcher. Shinobi ensures that the weapon is balanced so it "can flush out sniper and machine gun nests, but also reduce the spam levels."

24 February 2009

New and Improved

The Alpha Testers have a new build of FAS and the initial remarks by some testers are "amazed" and "optimized" and "improved". Dekier, a developer returning from a sabbatical commented "mappers and modelers have definitely stepped the graphics up since I left and the eye candy has increased ten-fold." Drhubbler also mentioned the addition of a new weapon addition that has yet to be mentioned.

22 February 2009

Great Job!

The picture speaks for itself.

14 February 2009

For Those Keeping Score

With the latest news post, there are only a few more weapons the FAS Team can show off:

M3 Super 90
Sako Rk. 95
M79 40mm Grenade Launcher
MK2 Frag Grenade
Combat Knife
Red/Blue Player Models

This means, going off the weapon list, the FAS Team is roughly 72% complete with their models.

12 February 2009

Custom Cvars Clans Can Control

Hitman has updated his developer journal, asking for those who participate in clan gaming what specialized server side cvars would be useful in facilitating clan play. If you have any ideas or suggestions, Hitman ask for you to post your thoughts!

In addition, Hitman has announced a new FAS build, 141, which includes new features.

FAS News (11 FEB 2009)

The FAS Team has unveiled the classic map, ps_sand as well as the M4 and FAMAS model. This update - and the updates in the foreseeable future - are done by Shinobi, long time FAS developer and team leader. Hitman hasn't gone anywhere, but is focusing on coding.

Progress on FAS is coming along smoothly with the team working on game and environment art, as well as readying testers for a new build. The FAS Team has a lot of media to show off and according to Shinobi's post in the FAS Forums, "remember to expect an update every 2 weeks now."

PS_sand, remade for FAS by undertone keeps the classic map's layout and distinguishing features in tact while greatly updating the visuals and environment details.

The FAMAS, created by Schmung and Racer looks amazing. The weapon appears to retain the same feel as it did in older RCs with its limited magazine size and high rate of fire. Changed for FAS is its higher credit cost, hopefully to remove the stigma of one being a "FAMAS whore".

The M4, created by Racer alone, is also equally impressive. However, the weapon will have no secondary feature, such as a suppressor (or beta-C magazine) as in previous RCs of Firearms.

10 February 2009

Call Of Grenade

In the FAS Input forum, Naota explains FAS's grenade mechanics. Currently, as Naota explains it "you click once to pull the pin and arm them and either release immediately to toss it, or hold it down to 'cook off' the fuse (5 seconds), which is typically required if you want your grenade to actually kill the people you're throwing it at before they run for cover." He continues stating that right now, you can not adjust the power behind the throw of the grenade, however as the alt fire key of the grenade is not in use there may be "lower/higher power toss at least by RC 1.1."

Naota also says that there is a small issue with the physics of the grenades in that "they've got some very peculiar tendencies, the least of which being that somehow they're presumably so heavy that the player can't climb a ladder with one on his head."

02 February 2009

Return of the King

Christian Oelund, veteran Firearms Team member modeller and skinner who did such work as the MP5 and it's suppressor animation is now a developer for FAS. What he will be working on specifically for FAS has yet to be announced.